New / Growing Business Tax Incentive

Up to 5 Years no Taxes

You read that right! you can pay no municipal taxes for up to five years! A three year tax exemption is available to any business that has constructed a new building or facility, or made substantial improvements or expansions to an existing building. Businesses in Agri value/processing, greenhouse technology, geothermal energy, renewable energy, or manufacturing/warehousing are eligible for another two years of 100% tax exemption. Terms and conditions apply.

Community Improvement Checklist

Increases Property Sales

Increases Property Rentals

Savings for Local Businesses

Supporting Local Contractors

Up to 3 Years Tax Free!

New Construction

New or growing businesses who choose to construct a new building or facility within Estevan may be eligible for 3 consecutive years of a 100% tax exemption from the the date of the development permit. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Purchasing Existing Buildings

A new entity purchasing an existing vacant building within Estevan for the purpose of conducting commercial business in entitled to a property tax exemption of up to $10,000 per year for 3 consecutive years. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Triple-Net Leases

Any new organization renting or leasing an existing vacant building for the purpose of establishing and conducting commercial business within the city of Estevan, who enter into a triple-net lease with the building owner, are entitled to a property tax exemption of a maximum of $10,000 per year for 3 consecutive years. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Up to 5 Years Tax Free!

Businesses operating in the six investment priority areas as identified by the Economic Development Board are entitled to an additional two years of tax exemption.

Agri-Value / Processing


Green House Technology

Renewable Energy

Greothermal Energy


Please download and complete the application form . Completed application forms can be submitted either by email, fax, mail or in person to :


Phone: (306) 634-2721