$1 Commercial / Industrial Lots for Sale

Looking for a great location with ample space to develop or expand a commercial business? Look no further than Glen Peterson Industrial Park in Estevan! Through economic development Estevan, eligible businesses can qualify to purchase a one dollar lot. Situated in Estevan, these lots are fully serviced by city water and sewer and have access to high-speed Internet via fibre optics directly to the premises. With the proximity to the Southeast College, local retail sector, and residential subdivisions, these lots are ideal for businesses of any kind.


Each application would be considered on a case by case basis by council and the economic development board.

Community Improvement Checklist

Encourage New Construction

Supporting Local Contractors

Savings for Local Businesses

Job Creation

For New or Growing Businesses


  1. To be eligible for this tax exemption, one of the below mentioned parcels must have been purchased from the City, a land sale agreement has been signed, and a building permit must be issued by the City of Estevan after January 1, 2017.
  2. The issuance of the building permit must follow the requirements of the City of Estevan’sBuilding Bylaw, Zoning Bylaw,or any other City bylaw which may be applicable to the development.
  3. The maximum term of the tax exemption shall be three (3) years for any single parcel.
  4. For building permits issued between January and September each year, the term shall begin for that year. For permits issued between September and December each year, the term shall begin the following year.
  5. For the period of the exemption, 100% of the City’s portion of the property tax shall be exempted each year.
  6. The term will begin following the issuance of a building permit for the property.
  7. Tax exemption under this policy does not relieve an owner from paying any applicable education taxes or applicable levies.
  8. The tax exemption may be cancelled by the City at its discretion if one or more of the following circumstances occur;
    • At the request of the owner; or
    • If any conditions of the land sale agreement are not met.

Properties Available

This policy applies exclusively to the city-owned parcels in the Glen Peterson area. This is defined by the following list:

524 Nesbitt Drive3503101998851Learn More
515 Bourquin Road6503101998851Learn More
523 Bourquin Road7503101998851Learn More
531 Bourquin Road8503101998851Learn More
516 Bourquin Road2502101998851Learn More

To apply for one of the Glen Petterson Business Park Properties, please contact us:


Richard Sadick

Economic Development Coordinator
City of Estevan | Corporate Services
403 9th Ave  | Estevan, SK  | S4A 2V4


Phone: (306) 634-2721
Email: estevaneconomicdevelopment@estevan.ca