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Employees are an asset in the development works since every person has a unique talent, skills and abilities that are useful for development. The people are important in the nation’s development as they create wealth and they are the wealth of the nation. Estevan is an ideal city for employees. Estevan provides numerous business advantages, including close proximity to the US market, a large retail trading area and a rich resource base that provides its citizens with a diversified and stable economy.

In Southeast Saskatchewan, a large workforce is employed in the local power plants and coal mining industry. Labor requirements in the oilfield industry are cyclical in nature and fluctuate depending on global markets and US economy but there is a large segment of permanent positions in the oilfield as well. As a result of a strong local economy, business and consumer support services are doing well. Example: retail employment in Estevan is approximately 40% higher than the provincial average. Currently, the demand for trades (plumbers, electricians, carpenters/developers/contractors), professional health care workers and other support services (computer services, bookkeeping, daycare services, etc.) far outweigh local supply.

In July 2012, Saskatchewan recorded the highest level of employment for the month of July, as employment stood at 542,600, up by 10,000 compared to July 2011. At 5.4% in July 2012, the province’s seasonally unadjusted unemployment rate was the second lowest in Canada and well below the national rate of 7.5%. In South east Saskatchewan, the mining industry creates direct and indirect employment for about 25,000 people in the province. The coal mines in southern Saskatchewan directly employ in excess of 650 people in various capacities of operations. Sherritt Coal Mine in Estevan employs over 500 people in various capacities of its mining operations.


Labour Force Data for the Southeast Economic Region 2009

Population 15 & older 59,300
Labour force 41,800
Employment 40,000
Full-time employment 31,900
Part-time employment 8,000
Unemployment 1,800
Employment by Industry Group  
Goods-producing sector  
Agriculture 7,300
Mining, oil and gas, utilities 4,500
Construction 3,200
Manufacturing 1,100
Services-producing sector  
Wholesale and retail trade 5,800
Transportation and warehousing 2,000
Finance, insurance, real estate and leasing 2,200
Professional, scientific and business services 1,500
Educational services 2,100
Health care and social assistance 4,500
Accommodation and food services 1,500
Other services 2,300
Public administration 1,900
Total employed 40,000