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Increased Funding for Agriculture

The Government of Saskatchewan increased its Agriculture budget by $32 million to $418 million in 2011-12. This is the second largest Agriculture budget ever announced in the province’s history, next to 2009-10. It will fully fund business risk management programs including Crop Insurance, AgriStability and AgriInvest. Also, it will help protect Saskatchewan producers against risks such as excess moisture. Government left more money in the hands of Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers by implementing phase two of its education property tax reduction plan, which will reduce education property tax rates by 80 per cent on agricultural land compared to 2007. This is the largest education tax reduction in the province’s history. The mill rate has also been reduced from 7.08 to 3.91 on agricultural land.

Crop Insurance



Southland Pulse
  • Variety of crops can be grown in Estevan ranging from traditional crops to fall crops. Pulse crops are grown in the region in substantial quantity. Estevan has all types of infrastructure, transportation facilities, grain elevators, highway links that are necessary for the proper processing of the crops from the seeding to processing. It also has a close proximity to the US market.
  • Estevan is the commercial hub of the Southeast. With its central location, and excellent transportation system (highways, rail, air), Estevan is well connected with markets throughout North America. Three major highways, as well as, the main CPR line pass directly through the city providing access to both east-west and north-south corridors. The Estevan airport accommodates charter flights and has potential for further development.
  • Highway 39: Saskatchewan`s only 24 hour port of entry from the United States is located 40 km`s from Estevan along Hwy 39, which receives on average, 5,780 vehicles per day.

    Highway 47: Estevan`s closest port of entry into the United States is located only 15 km`s south on Hwy 47. This highway also leads directly north to Hwy 1 (140km`s). Receiving in excess of 3,000 vehicles per day at Estevan`s border, this highway serves as a primary route for the local oilfield.

    Highway 18: Serving as the secondary east-west corridor, Hwy 18 receives an average of 1,600 vehicles per day.

  • CP Rail at Estevan provides direct rail connections to east and west mainlines at Brandon, Mb. and Moose Jaw, Sk. These links handle the flow of grain and other commodities to the coastal waters of Vancouver, Thunder Bay, Montreal and all points in between. CP Rail handles coal from the Estevan-Bienfait area to thermal electric stations in Manitoba and Ontario in unit trains of 114 cars or in single car lots. Estevan is situated approximately 25 rail miles from Portal, North Dakota on the CP Rail Weyburn Subdivision with direct connections to the former Soo Line Railroad. Now known as the CP Rail System Heavy Haul US, this line offers direct rail service to the US Midwest with major terminals at Minneapolis, Chicago and Kansas City.
  • The Estevan Municipal Airport is located six km`s north on Hwy 47, ad 1.6 km`s east. The airport is capable of landing 70 passenger jets and has a Limited Approach Beacon for landing in poor weather conditions. Runway 08-26 is 1,524 meters (5,000`) long with pilot control runway lights, Precision Approach Path Indicator lights and Runway Identifier Strobes. Runway 15-33 is 914.1 meters (3,000`) long and also lighted for night use. Southeast Aviation Services is a charter airline that operates out of Estevan Municipal Airport.
  • Saskatchewan’s electricity generation and distribution network is owned by the provincial Crown corporation, SaskPower has the exclusive right and the exclusive obligation to supply electricity in the province. SaskPower has a generating capacity of 3,206 megawatts (MW) from 16 generating facilities, including two of the three coal-fired base load facilities that are located in Estevan. An additional 449 MW is available through long-term power purchase agreements with independent power producers, for a total available capacity of approximately 3,655 MW.
  • Southland Pulse is a farmer owned specialty crop processing plant. It sources, processes, and distributes premium specialty crops to over 75 countries. It includes various grades of whole peas, lentils and chickpeas, as well as canary seed.