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Farm Machinery

Every farmer need not to buy his own machinery and equipment for cultivation. One can rent the machinery as per his needs and requirements of the land. This practice makes it easier and convenient for the farmers to grow crops and cultivate land in an economical and affordable manner.

Farm Machinery Custom and Rental guide has been established by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture that provides approximate costs for renting equipment or obtaining custom farming operations from another farmer. The guide is applicable for two different situations. One is to suggest an equitable price for both parties when one farmer either rents a piece of equipment from another farmer or hires the other to do a farming operation (seeding, spraying, harvesting, etc.). In this situation, the time of rented operation is usually relatively small in proportion to the use by the owner. The other use is when farmers share equipment and need to establish the value of the machinery and/or farming operation that is being contributed to each farm.

Custom and Rental Rate Guide