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City of Estevan at a Glance

Southeast Saskatchewan is home to a broad and rich resource base, which includes oil & gas, lignite coal, potash and some of the most fertile agricultural lands in the province. As the regional resource sector’s primary service centre, Estevan features one of the country’s strongest and wealthiest economic bases. As a result, the community has become the regional service centre for a population of nearly 50,000, providing phenomenal retail, recreational, educational and health care facilities and opportunities.

Estevan is the eighth largest city in Saskatchewan. It is located near the southeastern corner of the province. The Souris River runs by the city. The city is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Estevan No. 5. Estevan has a humid continental climate characterized by cold, long and dry winters and warm, short and relatively humid summers. January is the coldest month. The precipitation in winter is chiefly snow. The spring is a short transitional season. The summer is usually warm. 

Estevan has become known as the Energy Capital of Saskatchewan; this distinction is based on an extraordinary resource base that is serviced primarily out of Estevan. Two nearby coal mines provide fuel for the two local power stations responsible for generating nearly half of Saskatchewan’s base load power. While the two mines and two power stations provide stable employment for nearly 800 residents, the oilfield is a significant contributor of economic wealth and prosperity. Home to more than 200 businesses directly related to the oilfield, Estevan is the primary service centre for the hugely popular Bakken oilfield. There are in excess of 7,000 oil wells within a 160 km. radius, most of which are owned and serviced by companies based out of Estevan.

Estevan is a vibrant and growing community in Southeast Saskatchewan.  It is home to a diverse economy featuring power generation, coal mining, agriculture, manufacturing, oil and gas.  It is also the chosen site for the proposed $1.4 billion SaskPower Clean Coal Power Generating Plant. It is located on the main north-south rail line that provides benefits of tremendous access to the North American market. The Sunshine Capital of Canada with an annual average of 2,536.6 hours of sunshine and also has the highest annual number of hours per year with clear skies, between zero and two-tenths sky cover: 2979 hours.

The average household income of Estevan is 33% above the national average according to the Canadian Demographics, FP Markets data for the year 2012. Estevan is also home to the highest level of average household liquid assets of any Saskatchewan city. The City of Estevan and RM of Estevan # 5 are both committed to local economic growth and prosperity and as such, have developed a positive working relationship that has led to numerous agreements in order to best facilitate business development. Both municipalities have serviced land available for development and are prepared to work with developers to meet the community`s goals and needs.